Biogourmet Varieties

Our Specialty

  • Handpicked Green Pearls
  • Olive Paste

Essences and Distillations

Our Identity

This is our Secret, they break into your mouth with great Éclat, and vanish slowly in a long Soupir, these 4 products are really Divine.
  • Éclat de Fleur
  • Soupir de Rose
  • Secret de Sauge
  • Divine Grenadine

Essences & Distillations

Soupir de Rose, concentrated rose water, 250ml

Eclat de Fleur,
orange blossom water,
250 ml

Secret de Sauge, concentrated sage water, 250 ml

Divine Grenadine, pomegranate molasses, 250 ml

New Products

TOMAD'OR, homemade sundried tomatoes